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Learning Resources

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Financial Tools

Financial Literacy Tools provided by SUNY.

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New York Resources

New York Department of Labor
Search state-based job banks, post your personal resume online, and review updated information on career fair events and business development in New York.

New York Job Bank
A state-sponsored job bank covering all occupations in New York State.

Hot Careers for New York

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National Resources

Department of Labor
U.S. Department of Labor’s website.

America’s Job Bank
Sort thru thousands of new jobs that are posted daily by employers.

USA Jobs
Official Job site of the Federal Government.

Work for the U.S. Department of Labor

U.S. Department of Labor Secretary Internship Program

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Internet Resources

Sources throughout the Internet

Review your options at this site that features jobs from more than 70 career sites, plus other tools and self-help articles.

Find work through this listing of jobs pulled directly from employer websites using technology that crawls the World Wide Web to find links.

Leading recruiting solutions company’s consumer job board that allows users to to browse jobs posted by corporate hiring mangers, staffing firms, and executive recruiters.

Access the global online network, including interactive, personalized tools, that job seekers can use indefinitely to expand their careers.

Search through thousands of high-tech job listings, or enter a skills profile to announce availability to potential employers.

Monster.com Resume Center
Detailed help with writing a resume, including targeting to industry, covering the basic components, and dos and don’ts.

The Riley Guide Preparing Your Resume for the Internet and Postingit Online
Discusses preparing a resume for the Internet and highlights the differences between a scannable and Internet version of a resume.

Features strategies, writing tips, career specific resumes, before and after examples, and resume workshops.

Rebecca Smith’s eResumes and Resources
Career management information Web site founded by Rebecca Smith, author of Electronic Resumes and Online Networking, features articles and a guide to online resumes.

Resume Place
Advice on how to write a resume for a career change, the Federal Government, or private industry.

Career Lab Results, Achievements, and Accomplishments
Two part guide to writing a resume that emphasizes focusing on work results, achievements, successes, and accomplishments.

Career Resource Library – Portfolio Development
Guidelines for artists who are preparing work samples to show potential employers.

CareerLab 200 FREE Cover Letters for Job Hunters
Includes sample cover letters organized by subject and guide to writing a great letter.

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